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The Importance of Family Storytelling

We recently spent a long weekend with my in-laws, who are the best storytellers I have ever met. They provide exquisite detail and plot twists that make even a trip to the grocery store sound enthralling. We pass many an hour sitting around the table sharing stories from the past, with everyone easily engaged, smiling, […]

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It’s Just a Phase

In a former life, I was an enterprise software saleswoman for a startup in Silicon Valley (yes, the HBO show is largely accurate!).  It was, and still is, a darling of a company, loved by investors, customers and employees.  I had two children while employed there and managed to “balance” that with a pretty successful […]

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10 Ways a New Mom Is Like a Toddler

When a new baby arrives, many moms feel anxious that the constant demands of the newborn will create distance between them and their older child. Rest assured, that phase is temporary, and your expanded family will soon find a new balance. And in the meantime, new mama, take comfort in the fact that you and […]

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Your Mobile Mechanic at Your Convenience

This post is sponsored, but the opinions are 100% our own. There it is. That dreaded orange light: on, again. You know the one – it glares up at you from the dashboard, slyly winking at you. “I know you have plenty on your plate, Mother of Young Children, but neener, neener, here’s something more!,” it […]

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separation anxiety

Surviving Drop Off At Daycare

As I left my kids’ daycare this morning, I passed by a mom who was hiding in the doorway, listening to her toddler screaming her name over and over, a pained look on her face. I gave her a hopeful smile and said, “It does get easier, I promise.” She nodded grimly, making it clear […]

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Kindergarten Memories

I am not a crafty mom. I am not a creative mom, and before you try to console me, let me tell you about a few #fails. Halloween costumes come from Amazon or Zulily, because the one time I tried to make an octopus costume, someone asked if I was a rocket ship. My daughter […]

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