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  • Holiday Events 2017

Holiday Traditions To Try Even If You Are Traveling

The holidays are my favorite time of year- I love the music, the weather changes, all the excitement, and the break from school and work. The only difficult aspect of the holidays for us is living far away from the rest of our family. We have traveled for every single Thanksgiving and Christmas since having our first child […]

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photo booth

Family Fun for Thanksgiving Day

We are part of the Amazon Associates program. Thanksgiving Day is wonderful.  Family, food, friends… and usually a lot of people crammed into one home inside. all. day. Tough for kids, right? Sometimes Thanksgiving can actually be a little hard because, how do you keep your kids/ nieces/ nephews/ everyone happy while hanging out waiting […]

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But I Love Daddy More…

Ouch, it still burns.  My son said this to me the other night before bed.  And he must have known that it was breaking my heart by the look on my face, because he followed with, “It’s ok, mommy. I still love you. I just love Daddy more. He’s my buddy.”  Ouch, again! I kissed […]

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To Give Or Not To Give

My daughter is a January birthday.  Every year when we send out her birthday invitations, I am careful to add, “No gifts, please!”   Frankly, my daughter has all she could ever need, too much in fact.  And add in the fact that her birthday is right after Christmas, well I’m sure you understand my […]

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Mini Pumpkin Pies

During the holidays, I make multiple pumpkin pies. I love the pumpkin pie smell that fills my house and all the baking memories that fill my soul from past holiday seasons.  November 1st in my house is Happy Christmas Music Day.  Yes, we turn on the Christmas music, bring out Thanksgiving decorations, and bake pies, […]

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Melissa and Doug

Traveling with Kids for the Holidays?

We are part of Amazon Associates. It’s that time of year, “the most wonderful time of the year.”  Except the song really should go-  “When the kids are exhausted and everyone’s traveling and flights are delayed…. it’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Guys, Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks! We recently flew across the […]

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Marine Science

A Hidden Gem- The Marine Science Institute

Do you have a child who loves the ocean, sea life, and being outdoors? Then you should definitely check out the Marine Science Institute in Redwood City. Located right along a very scenic part of the Bay, it’s the perfect spot for kids to learn more about the San Francisco Bay and the sea life […]

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