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childhood milestones

The REAL Developmental Milestones I’m Waiting For

  With three kids ages 5 and under, including a young infant, I’m deep in “milestone-tracking” territory. Checkups seem to be checklists more than anything else, as my kids continue to develop into humans who might have some hope of surviving without my frequent assistance. Certainly, these accomplishments—walking, talking, self-feeding—are hugely significant for my offspring. […]

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real mom confessions

Being a Mom Has Given Me a Split Personality

We all (probably) like to fancy ourselves as steady, stable people.  Reliable!  In control of our thoughts and emotions!  But let’s face it, motherhood – or maybe just busy adulthood – has a way of… diversifying our thought processes.  One minute, you’re calm, rational, and collected.  The next, you are wondering how bad it would […]

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week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (2.16.18)

Hello, Friday! I look forward to every weekend, but especially long weekends like this one. My husband has off from work on Monday, so we have lots of fun plans with friends, including wine tasting in Paso Robles! What about you? Whether you’re up to the usual this weekend or are doing something special, here’s […]

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Peter Rabbit allergy

{Confessions of a Food Allergy Mom} So What’s the Big Deal About That Food Allergy Scene in Peter Rabbit?

I was super disappointed when the food allergy community started circulating warnings about the now released Peter Rabbit because the movie shows how little is understood about the struggles of food allergy families. Reportedly Peter Rabbit and his friends throw blackberries at Mr. McGregor knowing that he is allergic. The warning details that Mr. McGregor goes […]

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life after kids

Things I Love About My Husband Then vs. Now

My husband never ceases to amaze me, but the things I love most about him have definitely changed over the years since having kids. What better time than Valentine’s Day to reflect on how our love continues to evolve.   How he shows he cares after I’ve had a long day: Then-He gave me a […]

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