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making friends

How Your Kids’ Friendships Help Them Through Periods of Transition

We know that friendships are powerful sources of life and help us build self-confidence. What a gift both of my children have had in building strong bonds with others. Yet, there have been periods of time where they’ve struggled to build new friendships, too. I’ve noticed that having old friends helps them weather these social […]

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back to school

When It’s the End of the Firsts

I started back to school shopping in full force this week.  I love back to school supplies and shopping. Like they say in the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” fall makes you want to buy a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.   My daughter and I have started earmarking catalogs, choosing her new lunch box, and […]

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I love you but I don't like you

What To Do When You Don’t Like Your Kid

If this headline sparked some recognition in you, congratulations, you’re an honest mom. If it didn’t, maybe your kid just isn’t old enough yet—give it time. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: I love my kids with the borderline-insane intensity that unifies us as mothers. Even when they are at their absolute […]

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chores for kids

Chores! Chores? Chores.

My kids are six and eight. When I remember back to my childhood at that age, I was folding laundry for the family (not just my own), doing dishes on a tri-weekly rotation with my two siblings, dusting the entire house (which involved moving and dusting around tons of tchotchkes), feeding forty rabbits (we had […]

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