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toddler food

5 Simple Ways to Make Eating Fun for Toddlers

I was lucky that my oldest daughter was always a pretty good eater. She knew what she liked and would eat those foods with gusto, but she had a pretty good range. Like all of us, she got into some food ruts so as I would try to introduce new foods I needed to get […]

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buy a minivan

To Minivan, or Not to Minivan: That Is the Question

In my three and a half years of being a mom, I’ve said the Mean Girls quote, “I’m not, like, a regular mom; I’m a cool mom,” more than once. I think most of us want to be that “cool mom,” so after having our second daughter, when my husband said, “So, should we get […]

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diary allergies

Keeping My Guard Up: Life as a Dairy Allergy Mom

Food allergies are hard. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy at six months old. We discovered it when we tried to introduce formula and she had a bad reaction. For her first 18 months she was allergic to dairy and soy, so, basically, she only ate homemade food. She ended up outgrowing […]

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