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The Best Birthday Party I’ve EVER thrown

When you have winter birthdays (like my kids) you have limited options for birthday parties especially since I’m not one for having 30 screaming children inside my house.  At these times, my husband and I are very grateful for the Pump it Ups, Rocket Jumps, and Sports House’s of the world. And they are pretty […]

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Is Wine Making You Chubby?

It was my first “not-baby” doctor’s appointment I had in almost 10 years.  I looked for an internal medicine doctor the best way I knew how, ask all my mom friends.  Unfortunately, most of my mom friends where in the same boat.  None of us had a “real” doctor’s visit since before our having kids. […]

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To Give Or Not To Give

My daughter is a January birthday.  Every year when we send out her birthday invitations, I am careful to add, “No gifts, please!”   Frankly, my daughter has all she could ever need, too much in fact.  And add in the fact that her birthday is right after Christmas, well I’m sure you understand my […]

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The F Word

My husband and I try to watch our language in front of our kids; they are only 3 and 5 after all.  Occasionally, a slip of the tongue will occur, and we help catch each other by either a swift kick under the table, a raised eyebrow, or with a stage whisper of, “language!”  There […]

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“Quit Your Chit-Chat”

As moms, what is “Me-Time” really?  A trip to the grocery store?  A mani-pedi before your sister’s wedding?  A 45 minute spin class that is really 60 minutes, but you can only seem to squeeze in 45 minutes? Some would argue yes. Others, like moms I know, would say, “No, those are necessities!”  In the […]

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Mom, I Hate the Hair on My Body

I have a five-year-old daughter who just started kindergarten.  She is amazing.  She has confidence and optimism. She is really a joy to be around. Last week, I was giving her a bath, and as she was getting out and I was smothering her body in lotion, she sighed and said, “I hate the hair […]

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It’s Just a Phase

In a former life, I was an enterprise software saleswoman for a startup in Silicon Valley (yes, the HBO show is largely accurate!).  It was, and still is, a darling of a company, loved by investors, customers and employees.  I had two children while employed there and managed to “balance” that with a pretty successful […]

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Kindergarten Memories

I am not a crafty mom. I am not a creative mom, and before you try to console me, let me tell you about a few #fails. Halloween costumes come from Amazon or Zulily, because the one time I tried to make an octopus costume, someone asked if I was a rocket ship. My daughter […]

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labor day

When is Labor Day?

There are two types of people in the world.  Those who know when Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day are, and those who can never remember if Martin Luther King Day is in January or February (it’s January, just in case you fall into the latter group). I have always been the former.  I can […]

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