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Being a Mom Has Given Me a Split Personality

We all (probably) like to fancy ourselves as steady, stable people.  Reliable!  In control of our thoughts and emotions!  But let’s face it, motherhood – or maybe just busy adulthood – has a way of… diversifying our thought processes.  One minute, you’re calm, rational, and collected.  The next, you are wondering how bad it would […]

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Learning How to Parent Little Kids: An Ode to Partnership, Self-Awareness, & Sticker Charts

When you’re a parent to kids under five, everything seems to revolve around them (I wonder if/when this changes…).  Are they sleeping and eating?  Are they socialized, healthy, and happy?  Milestones… What about the milestones?!?  These questions shape those fleeting early years.  Frankly, as long as you’re maintaining some semblance of sanity while keeping the […]

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Why Pets are a Must-Have for Little Kids

Most of the parents in my circle have at least two kids under the age of seven.  Their lives are busy.  They balance their family obligations, relationships, jobs, school schedules, extracurriculars, weekends away, and more.  They have limited free time, less free space, and usually have to contend with a budget that’s already strained under […]

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Why You Need Weekend Trips With Your Girlfriends

I love my husband.  I love my kids.  I don’t have much to complain about in those departments (not that this stops me from “light heartedly” complaining).  But still, at least once a year, I need a full long weekend away with my girlfriends.  And yes, if you have two sets of girlfriends (for instance, […]

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A Little Gratitude Goes a Long Way

It’s a busy time of year, and even though we’re generally having fun, it’s easy for us moms to feel burdened by everything on our shoulders.  Holiday cards?  Check.  Plan for house guests, and decorate in a tasteful but festive manner?  Check, check.  Shop and cook and clean and entertain and teach and nurture and […]

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Disney Dreams Can Come True… This Week in San Jose!

This post is sponsored, but the opinions are 100% our own. My children were born with the Disney gene.  Though not apparent at birth, symptoms manifested between one and two years of age for each of them: coveting Disney-themed toys and clothing, obsession with Disney songs, and frequent (incessant?) requests for Disney movies.  The obsession […]

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