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The REAL Developmental Milestones I’m Waiting For

  With three kids ages 5 and under, including a young infant, I’m deep in “milestone-tracking” territory. Checkups seem to be checklists more than anything else, as my kids continue to develop into humans who might have some hope of surviving without my frequent assistance. Certainly, these accomplishments—walking, talking, self-feeding—are hugely significant for my offspring. […]

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The Tired Mom’s Guide to Indoor Play

Okay, I realize that a Bay Area winter day would probably feel downright balmy to folks in other parts of the country, but does that mean we lose our right to complain about periodic rain and temperatures below 60? I think not! When it’s cold and wet and outdoor activities aren’t an option, we moms […]

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It’s OK to Lean Out – At Least for a Little While

The major winter holidays may be over, but somehow things don’t seem to be slowing down. Nearly every mom I know has been lamenting their packed family calendar, and it often feels like activities that would be individually enjoyable become much less so when they are crammed together back to back. But what’s new for […]

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10 Ways a New Mom Is Like a Toddler

When a new baby arrives, many moms feel anxious that the constant demands of the newborn will create distance between them and their older child. Rest assured, that phase is temporary, and your expanded family will soon find a new balance. And in the meantime, new mama, take comfort in the fact that you and […]

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Parent Trap

The REAL Parent Trap

Congratulations, you have a baby! You are about to experience overwhelming love and wonder at the miracle that a real, live human baby really did just emerge from your body. You are also in for a whole lot of exhaustion, unexpected surprises (shield yourself when changing that diaper!) and, unfortunately, frequent self-doubt and anxiety. Whether […]

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