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Easter Egg Dye

Other Uses for Leftover Easter Egg Dye

It seems like such a shame to waste leftover Easter egg dye. The rainbow colors are vibrant and festive. Plus, my kids are never satisfied with just coloring a dozen eggs. They always want to keep going, but how many hardboiled eggs do we really need in the house? I found a few other ways […]

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DIY Classroom Valentines You Can Make in 10 Minutes

We are part of Amazon Associates. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day or should I say, are you ready to make classroom valentines? Ugh, right?  Who has time for Pinterest-perfect classroom valentines?  YOU DO!   We’ve got 5 adorable ideas right here with PDF printouts.  #momwin You are a STAR  You make me LAUGH! The […]

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Mini Pumpkin Pies

During the holidays, I make multiple pumpkin pies. I love the pumpkin pie smell that fills my house and all the baking memories that fill my soul from past holiday seasons.  November 1st in my house is Happy Christmas Music Day.  Yes, we turn on the Christmas music, bring out Thanksgiving decorations, and bake pies, […]

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halloween treats

Halloween Cake Pop Treats

Most of you know, I love to bake! And I will use any excuse to bake- parties, holidays, rain outside. We even hosted a baking play date for my son, dress up clothes and all.  These little bakers actually made the cake pops for this post! Have you ever made cake pops? I absolutely love […]

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Halloween Craft Ideas

Looking for a fun Halloween craft to do with young toddlers? Or how about something to send Grandma to say Happy Halloween?  We’ve got 2 ideas here that make an adorable keepsake! We just made these MONSTER cards to send to the grandparents! Here’s how you can make them! First use green and white paint […]

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5 EASY Ways to Add Halloween Fun to Lunch

If you search Pinterest for Halloween ideas, WOW! You will find a million ideas from decorating the house to decorating cupcakes.  It is actually a little overwhelming. An hour of searching flies by.  Do you want to make a Halloween appetizer, snack, dessert, no problem! They will show you how.  But what if you are […]

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Fall craft

Fall Crafts

Fall is officially here, and there are beautiful leaves all over this area.  So, why not collect a few and use them to make Fall crafts with the kiddos!   First, give your little one the task of collecting leaves of all different colors, shapes, and sizes on your next walk. This is a great […]

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Kindergarten Memories

I am not a crafty mom. I am not a creative mom, and before you try to console me, let me tell you about a few #fails. Halloween costumes come from Amazon or Zulily, because the one time I tried to make an octopus costume, someone asked if I was a rocket ship. My daughter […]

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