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The Ultimate Spa Day

About once or twice a year, I meet up with a group of friends at various local spas for a luxurious morning of pampering. Our ultimate- and ambitious- goal is to visit every luxury spa in the Bay Area (see the list of our favorite places below). These visits happen just infrequently enough that I […]

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Is Wine Making You Chubby?

It was my first “not-baby” doctor’s appointment I had in almost 10 years.  I looked for an internal medicine doctor the best way I knew how, ask all my mom friends.  Unfortunately, most of my mom friends where in the same boat.  None of us had a “real” doctor’s visit since before our having kids. […]

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breast cancer

A Mom’s Guide to Breast Examination

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and so we wanted to take a moment to share some very important breast health information with you, the busy mom.  If you are like me, you barely have time to wash your hair in the shower, let alone do a breast examination.  But, it is incredibly important […]

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How to Fight the Mom Hangover

Ok, so you can’t drink like you used to, me neither. Gone are the days of late nights and tequila shots followed by sleeping in Now after a date night or moms’ night out, I have to jump up at the crack of dawn ready to manage my (loud) kids and my day like […]

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