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The Ridiculous Things I Say Now That I’m a Mom

I need to update my Instagram profile. You see, right now, my Instagram account is described as “mostly pictures of stuff I eat.” That’s just a lie. When I joined Instagram, I was a fun-loving twentysomething with no kids living in Manhattan with tons of free time to go out to meals and photograph my […]

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San Mateo County Fair

The San Mateo County Fair Is Open! (Ticket GIVEAWAY)

(This post is sponsored by the San Mateo County Fair.) It’s Summer! And there is no better place to experience summer than a fair!  Don’t you remember the sounds of carnival rides, the soft, huge stuffed animals, and smell of the funnel cake?  I know I do!  So, how about taking your kids to the […]

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Friday Faves (6.8.18)

This weekend, my husband and a bunch of friends are going to Avila Beach for a guys' weekend. Not to be outdone, my girlfriends and I are going to have a good old-fashioned sleepover WITH ALL NINE of our kids. What we lose in sleep, we'll make up for in memories. Wish us luck! Here's [...]
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week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (6.1.18)

Happy June 1! We spent last weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, and I am already dreaming of when we can go back. The resort is so family friendly that it’s truly relaxing to be there with our kids, and they seem to instinctively know to be on their best behavior so […]

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week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (5.25.18)

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the long weekend! This time of year seems to always come with a bunch of commitments, and it’s going to be nice to have an extra day to squeeze in all the fun.  What’s the worst mom guilt you’ve ever had? My heart felt for this […]

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