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The REAL Developmental Milestones I’m Waiting For

  With three kids ages 5 and under, including a young infant, I’m deep in “milestone-tracking” territory. Checkups seem to be checklists more than anything else, as my kids continue to develop into humans who might have some hope of surviving without my frequent assistance. Certainly, these accomplishments—walking, talking, self-feeding—are hugely significant for my offspring. […]

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Learning How to Parent Little Kids: An Ode to Partnership, Self-Awareness, & Sticker Charts

When you’re a parent to kids under five, everything seems to revolve around them (I wonder if/when this changes…).  Are they sleeping and eating?  Are they socialized, healthy, and happy?  Milestones… What about the milestones?!?  These questions shape those fleeting early years.  Frankly, as long as you’re maintaining some semblance of sanity while keeping the […]

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When You Think You Need to Fire Your Nanny

Ok, so let’s be clear from the beginning – If you think you might need to fire your nanny, you do.  When your child was born, you, like all moms, became a superhero with a very powerful “mom gut.” This is a very special tool that you should use.  If your “mom gut” says something […]

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