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When You Think You Need to Fire Your Nanny

Ok, so let’s be clear from the beginning – If you think you might need to fire your nanny, you do.  When your child was born, you, like all moms, became a superhero with a very powerful “mom gut.” This is a very special tool that you should use.  If your “mom gut” says something […]

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Indoor Activities to Avoid the Smoke

The horrific fires in Wine Country are making it difficult to play outside.  AIRNOW has up to date information about our air quality based on zip code.  Please check it out and keep your kids inside if conditions are unhealthy in your area.  So what do you do inside with your kids all day??  Here […]

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Texting and Driving: Our Kids are Watching

About a month ago, I got pulled over.  It was late afternoon, and I was rushing (not speeding) home to meet our nanny. I had one of my children in the car, my youngest, and looking back I joked, “I wished my oldest would have been in the car.  He would have loved to have […]

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