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labor day

When is Labor Day?

There are two types of people in the world.  Those who know when Labor Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day is, and those who can never remember if Martin Luther King Day is in January or February (it’s January, just in case you fall in the latter group). I have always been the former.  I can […]

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Fighting Back-to-School Fatigue

Back-to-School is an exciting, yet exhausting time. Open houses, parent meetings, earthquake kits (yes, only in California do you have to make your child an earthquake kit for school) and ohh- the paperwork! So, how do you fight this Back-to-School Fatigue? We’ve got some ideas! Sleep. Ok, sound obvious, I know. But when I’m stressed, […]

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Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog Press Release

   MEDIA CONTACT Kelly Arditi  415-264-4209 [email protected]   San Francisco Moms Blog Community Grows Mid-Peninsula Moms Blog to further localize resources for San Francisco area families August 30, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. Following the successful launch of San Francisco Moms Blog in 2015, owner Kelly Arditi realized it was impossible to connect with moms across […]

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The Way We Speak To Our Kids Matters

I was walking into Safeway the other day and overheard a mom dragging her wily toddler along, commenting, “Come on, slowpoke, let’s go let’s go let’s go!” It was innocent enough, but something in her tone of voice sounded a bit too grating. Part of me empathized with the mom, because I have definitely been […]

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