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week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (3.30.18)

Happy Passover and Happy Easter! We’re hosting Easter this year for fourteen adults and ten kids, so it’s been a busy week getting ready for that on top of the week’s usual routine and attending a fun private shopping party Thursday night at Ambiance hosted by San Francisco Moms Blog! For Easter, we’re actually cheating […]

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3 Ideas for Easter Fun With the Kids!

This Easter bunny cake looks fancy but is actually super easy to make. You’ll only need two, 9″ inch round cakes to create the shape. Check out the instructions below, as well as how to make a keepsake Easter wreath with your kids and a quick and easy game for your little ones using plastic Easter […]

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week in review

Friday Faves & Finds (3.23.18)

It was a good week for my family as we learned our daughter got assigned to our first choice of public kindergartens in San Francisco! If you’re not familiar with the process, it’s overwhelming, so we’re grateful and relieved to have it behind us. I’m hoping you’ve heard good news, too, if you’re in a similar […]

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When a Good Cry Goes Bad

I had a big cry today. Crying isn’t exactly a rare occurrence for me, but today was different. I felt despondent and helpless. It felt like all the sorrow that has befallen my friends, family, and community hit me all at once. In addition to all the national tragedies, I have had several close friends […]

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It Takes Two to Potty

I approached potty training for both my kids the same way: by not really doing it. I didn’t read any books on the subject, we didn’t practice a certain technique, and we didn’t track their progress on a sticker chart. Their preschool allows pull-ups, so without any external pressure to get them potty-trained, I had the […]

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